Breathing into a new Way of Life – The Way of the Heart

— An Invitation

The many years of living, working and meditating in the presence of Osho, have left me with an amazing experience of love, life and laughter. I have found the diamond of breath by breathing in synchronicity with a living Buddha.

This program for inner transformation, personal development and learning to work with people has developed over thirty years of intense practice in personal, group and communal therapy.

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I would like to invite you to join me on this unique adventure of creating a NEW LIFE with the teachings of DIAMOND BREATH® – THE BREATH OF THE BUDDHAS

In love and gratitude! Devapath


Tantra comes in to help humanity,
to give sex back to humanity.
And when the sex has been given back,
then arises Zen.
Zen is no attitude. Zen is pure health.